5 Questions to Ask your Packaging Machine Manufacturer About Service & Maintenance

Whether you are just starting to investigate automated packaging equipment or already have ten full systems, it is always a good idea to assess your equipment maintenance and service needs. Here are 5 questions to ask your packaging OEM about their maintenance programs and service offerings. 1. Do you provide operator training? Training of machine operators […]

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What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Should You Consider It?

FRESH. NATURAL. PRESERVATIVE-FREE. These buzzwords used to describe food and beverage products are no longer just a passing trend but are becoming the standard for the packaging industry. Consumers demand fresh products that involve minimal processing, yet also desire them to have extended shelf lives. Busy consumers don’t have time to stop at the grocery […]


What Should a Packaging Machine Inspection Involve?

A regularly scheduled machine inspection should be an integral part of your packaging machine maintenance program. Similar to check-ups at the doctor, your machinery needs the same attention to ensure it will serve you well for many years, even decades, to come. Who? Machine inspections are best performed by highly-trained, certified experts provided by or expressly recommended by the […]


Machine Maintenance

When it comes to machine maintenance there is no substitute for years of experience and dedicated workmanship. Servicing Greater Melbourne and surrounding suburbs Pack Synergy can handle all of your engineering and machining requirements. We provide an on-site and workshop maintenance service to a range of clients in the areas of manufacturing, processing, production and other related industries. Our […]

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How to prepare your facility for packaging automation

Investment in new packaging equipment can be a daunting task for both first-time buyers and seasoned veterans alike. Designing a successful integrated system in the fast-paced world of packaging leaves little room for error. Simple details can easily be overlooked that directly impact the ability to utilize the full capabilities of your packaging equipment once […]


Breakdowns – Urgent Repairs

METAL MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT At Pack Synergy we’ll help maintain or even boost your productivity by keeping your equipment efficient and damage-free, including press brakes, band-saws, lathes, and milling machines. In general, we’ll lubricate, clean, and adjust and apply preventative maintenance on your equipment. Lubricating your machinery will minimize wear and damage, especially if done regularly […]