The ZinZina

Ambitious & Original

Introducing the ZinZina

The Zinzina has been designed, developed and manufactured in Australia with a new vision and concept of a seal & shrink machine that provides the capability and reliability to work efficiently and economically with new polyolefin films on the market.
The machine’s body, the seal-hood frame, the shrinking chamber and roll holder have been totally redeveloped for reliability and efficiency.

Machine Body

Made of folded and welded sheet metal with 45 degrees front facing panels to ergonomically blend with working hands of the operator.
All parts are powder coated, zinc plated and/or stainless steel.
Four side panels create easy access to any of the machines components for easy inspection, servicing or adjustment if required.
ZinZina can be positioned and operated against a wall for space saving with no protruding moving parts.

Sealing – Hood Frame
The sealing frame is constructed by six plates that are doweled and welded together. This provides support and lodgment of the sealing infills, the vertical tensioners and the corner sealing element insulation block.
The opening of the sealing frame is made by mechanical actuator with an extension spring. This creates a balance load without the need of a magnetic device to keep the sealing frame down.
The hood is made of 5 mm clear heat resistance polycarbon with separate side panels.
The sealing frame/hood is able to withstand the working temperature and is designed to stay closed during stand by time for energy efficiency and eliminating the need of preheat cycles.

Shrinking Chamber
The shrinking chamber has been designed with periferical air ducts adjacent to the cross and longitudinal sealing area to maximize air flow without the need of film over cutting. This minimises time and energy.
The heater box provides ample volume of space for hot air turbulence generated by a steel fan.

Roll Holder
The roll holder is supported and slides on nylon wheels for maximum load capacity. The neutral film supporting and tracking rollers make film roll change and adjustment easy. Film unwinding roller with perforator wheels are also installed.   Provision for a second roll holder is available as an optional extra.

The electrical equipment is designed in accordance with international safety standards.
The control panel provides:

  • Main Switch
  • Control lamp
  • Sealing Timer
  • Shrinking Timer
  • Temperature Controller
  • Seal Only Selector Switch

All wires are ‘heavy duty’ and are annotated with reference numbers for easy find of electrical components.
Most importantly, all components are standard for easy replacement.

The ZinZina is ready for positioning, does not need assembly work,It only requires to be connected to your electric supply, interposing a cut-off switch.


  • Electrical Components                                                       Telemecanique
  • Voltage                                                                                240 volts  12 amps
  • Heating Elements                                                               2400 kw
  • Shrinking Fan Motor                                                            0.25 kw 2400rpm
  • Warm Up Time                                                                   7 minutes
  • Production Output                                                               4/8 Packs per minute
  • Sealing Area                                                                        400 x 500 mm L
  • Maximum Height of Product (in relation to width)               Max 200 mm
  • Maximum Roll Width                                                           600 mm
  • Maximum Roll Diameter                                                      220 mm
  • Loading Table                                                                      Stainless Steel
  • Working Height                                                                    940 mm
  • Machine Height (Hood Closed & Open)                              1100 / 1350 mm
  • Machine Length                                                                   1300 mm
  • Machine Width                                                                     700 mm
  • Total Weight                                                                         110Kg
Zinzina Back (Small)
Zinzina Cut (Small)

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